Gonzalo and Einar have been wondering exactly how the hell I manage to get hold of all the great posters I have in my room, like the Estee Lauder one and the Hugo Boss one and I told em.

I get them out the dustbins.

Up until that point, they were both convinced that I walk right into perfumeries and nick them, but tonight when I walked in with an armful of lever arch files in mint condition at 11PM they realised I wasn't joking.

I just happened to see that a dustbin in the high street was overflowing with green ringbinders so I emptied them out and took them home as the St. Patrick's day revellers streamed past. Just to distract attention from the fact I was bin-raiding I put one of the green folders on my head and pretended it was a St Paddy's outfit. I don't think anyone noticed.

Free folders? Now that's what I call a bargain!
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