Apparently I'm gay

I was invited out today by one of my mates to watch the rugby then get pissed up, but I politely declined cos I knew that Las Zapatillas Rojas (The Red Shoes) was on at Teatro de Madrid, performed by the Ballet Madrid.

I'm really rather partial to Ballet and this is the third I've been to in as many weeks, which would be unthinkable if I were still in the UK, for reasons of time and money, so that's yet another reason why living here has been so good to me.

Anyway, when I told the dude I was going to the ballet rather than watching rugby which I'm not remotely interested in, he said what you'd expect him to say...

"Going to the ballet?! You must be a bender mate"

Well I'm still tryin to work out why, going to see a show full of FIT girls with perfect bodies dancing is more gay than going to a pub full of drunks and watching 22 muscly hairy men beat each other up.

Any ideas?

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