36/365 - Homophobia-phobia

I have a little fear that has niggled at me for a while.

When people are accused of being racist, they usually hold up their hands and say "I can't be racist, I have LOADS of black friends!" in their defence.

I have plenty of black friends too, and therefore using this logic I can't possibly be racist. However, I do have no Jewish or gay friends and therefore I fear that people perceive me to be bigoted, anti-semitic and a homphobe. If asked I would point out that I have a few lesbian friends, but I get the impression this will only count against me.

I have been thinking of going to Bar Mitzvahs and gay clubs and approaching people. You can imagine the scene.

"Hello sir, are you gay?"

"Yes of course, this is the Pink Rainbow club and I'm wearing tight leather trousers"

"Great. Will you be my friend?"

This sexy little number (36) is going (obviously) to Frank Warren at Postsecret.

On a purely technical note, I was well pleased that the only word that managed to come out readable was the word "straight" I didn't notice this until I'd finished. Talk about serendity huh!

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