28/365 - In honour of Elefantus

I made this piece from a photos of Elena posting some early postcrossing cards that I took early on in our relationship, when she was still watching me make post and wondering what it was all about.

Her arm just lent itself to an elephants trunk, so I had to complete the picture.

The idea was to send this to a great fun Italian mailartist who has been around for many years, Ennio Pauluzzi otherwise known as Elefantus. Many of you may know him for his postcards of elephants in various media, shapes and sizes. They'll always make you smile.

Sadly, when I got home, I found that Elefantus passed away in November 2010. My condolences go out to his family and although I never knew him personally, I feel sad that I'll never see another of his pieces in the mailbox again. A sad loss to the mailart world.

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