A quick note to Mark Zuckerberg

As many of you are aware I, like many other facebook quitters have returned to The Social Network. The reach is too far and the uses too many. Also, being an e-learning advisor by trade it doesn't make sense for me not to know what's going on on the most widely used social network in the world.

As you know, my REAL wall came about as a result of me closing my facebook account then basing a postal social network on the experience of facebook. After nearly 2 years, I've made loads of friends through my REAL wall and write and receives loads of letters. I've been in newspapers and magazines in various capacities and have discovered that I'm an artist. Heck I've even given lectures in mailart to art teachers and started mailart365!

Mailart Lecture slide 6

Never one to take all the credit for myself, I decided on Thursday to write to Mark Zuckerberg, chief of facebook and Time magazine's man of the year 2010 and thank him. I give credit where it's due. Obviously, I did try and get a cheeky postcard out of him for my REAL wall as well. Here's what I wrote.

Hi Mark

Just wanted to drop you a quick message to say thanks for providing the inpiration for my little project at www.myREALwall.com.

The project started nearly 2 years ago, when I got fed up of virtual interactions, and decided to close my facebook account. I said to all my friends that instead of posting on my virtual/facebook wall I would prefer to see REAL post on my REAL wall, and hence the idea was born.

Since it’s launch, I’ve received post from all over the world and made loads of friends. I even started creating mailart and now run classes and shows in making and sending mailart (I’m a teacher)

In short, quitting facebook changed my life and I wanted to thank you personally for making the system as it is a great tool for connecting people and the design and concept made me think about relationships with people and what they mean to me.

I’ve now re-opened my account on facebook, but my REAL wall is still going strong! Why not drop by and if you’re in the mood, I’d love a postcard from you!


Andy Hoang

I haven't heard anything from him yet. It would be damn amazing to get a REAL post on my REAL wall from Mark though right?
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