Alex and Rose

Not part of my 365, just fancied making another piece from the Alex template I had already made, this time trying to put a different flower in front of her. Didn't quite work this time. In my opinion, it didn't work because the rose was too complex with the leaves at an angle and it was impossible using my present cutting technique to get this quite right. As you could see that there was no person underneath it made the rose a little meaningless. Whereas the original was a trace of the actual person and the fit was just right, here the overlay didn't quite work out.

In addition I felt, after I stuck the labels down, that I should have cut the shape out instead of sticking the whole label down.

The connection in this case is Spanish. Alex is a fluent Spanish speaker and the photo was taken in the Rosario in Madrid.

As I'm not happy with the overall effect I won't include it in my 365

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