#11 - So you like stamps huh

There's a little story behind this one. I got an email the other day from someone called JJ, saying that she wanted to swap postcards with me. Assuming that it was our JJ, I put the request in my "postcards to send" folder in gmail and thought nothing more of it, assuming that I'd get to her pretty soon. I sent our JJ a postcard earlier this week (yes you've got one on the way JJ) and took the request out of my send queue.

Today, I got another email from JJ in the gmail, saying "Have you sent anything yet?" and I thought "Man this JJ is really demanding isn't she..."

I looked again and realised that the JJ in my email is actually a totally different person called JJ, who lives in the US and not in Australia.

I usually hate being hassled for mail, but this time JJ got lucky and the coincidence made me laugh enough to put something together for her. She said she liked unusual stamps, so I dug a few up and stuck them on a postcard for her, thus making this a truly mail-centric bit of art. I reckon this has to count as mailart right Fi?

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