British Gas saga continues - Pathetic compensation offer

After having taken countless hours off to talk to them, they finally got the meter changed on 20th October, 2 months and 5 days after they pulled the meter out.

Fed up of being the victim, I have asked them what they intend to do about compensation, and they told me that British Gas don't compensate for days taken off work. I've taken at least 3 days off work to wait for them to come and spent countless hours on the phone, none of which would have happened if they had connected my gas properly in the first place, yet they think that this is an acceptable policy.

I also told them that they needed to compensate me for the plumber that I called to look at the boiler when they pulled the plug on our gas without telling us, which is another expense we would not have needed to shell out had they done their job properly.

They have offered to pay the £80 for the plumber and offered us £20 in compensation in addition to the £20 they gave us before. That's £40 compensation and £80 which we have already spent due to them. They then add that up and say that they are compensating us £120, which I find a little misleading.

So £40 compensation for leaving us without gas for MORE THAN TWO MONTHS. Is this acceptable? I don't think it is either, and have refused this. They are now going to escalate my complaint and I will not accept a settlement less than I have lost. They seem to think that taking days off work is something that isn't a loss on my part, and by not offering compensation they have not taken responsibility for their poor customer service.

I will post up all the details here. The custeomer service advisor has said that his boss will call me back tomorrow
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