British Gas meter change saga day 60

Dear British Gas

Here's the latest picture of the basement where the gas meter is located. I took it this morning. As you can see, there is no way I can safely get into the basement to fill my meter up and I strongly doubt that the engineer will even look twice at this before leaving. As you can see, I've tried to contact the builders but have had no response. (I emailed them and copied you in yesterday) 

I now cannot even top up my gas safely and I imagine that British Gas will do nothing about this until I move the rubble or arrange to have it moved. 

I would like to remind you, I have now paid off my debt to you in full and have now been without a satisfactory supply for just under 2 months. On Friday it will have been 2 months since you ripped our meter out without telling us, and in that time we have called you or spoken to your company 2 or 3 times a week to try and rectify this situation. 

I would like it put on record that I am absolutely unsatisfied with the level of service I have received up until now, and as a paying customer of your gas and electricity I regret putting my trust in British Gas as a supplier and am looking to put that mistake right as soon as possible.

I already know that you will respond with something along the lines of "Sorry if there's that much rubble in your basement we can't do anything about it" but I believe that this is a really lame excuse. If you had even a shred of a conscience over the trouble you have caused you would move Heaven and Earth to get to that meter. After all, it was easy enough for you to rip it out while I wasn't around, I don't see why you don't just send some builders round to move the rubble yourself and get the meter put back in. 

Even on a purely economical basis, in the last 2 months since I have been with a pay as you go meter I have only put in £10 of credit, mainly on account that I can't reach my meter. If you had been taking a direct debit you would have received £60 in that time. In addition to that, this fiasco has lost you a number of customers and a lot of face as I have now started to blog every customer service blunder that you make. 

2 months. That is one sixth of the year you have left me, a paying customer begging you to supply me with gas. Supplying people with gas is your core business. If you can't even do that properly how can you possibly call yourselves professionals?

I trust that your engineer will still be there between 1-5 today as promised, as my girlfriend has taken yet another day off to facilitate this. I imagine that will be another wasted day and imagine that British Gas will refuse to compensate us for this too. None of this surprises us now as we are used to your incompetence now, but do bear in mind that this is now a matter of public interest as there are a great many people following how you handle this case. In addition I have now started to compile my case to take to OFGEM and Trading standards. 

Andrew Hoang
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