It's Thing-a-day February!

Apparently, February is a big month for postal craft and creative types and this month I got invited by Sunnysidey, one of my postal contacts I have made since starting my REAL wall, to take part in something called The Unofficial Thing-a-day 2010.

The thing-a-day is a month long project undertaken by creative types every February for the last 5 years. The idea is simple. For half an hour a day every day of February you just have to do something creative and blog about it. Couldn't be easier right!

The original Thing a day is this year taking place on Posterous and people are invited to post up their blogs there on that platform. For that project I've decided that during the month of February, I'd like to make sure that my REAL wall has a new wall every single day for February. For the sake of the project I'll post these up on the posterous site at, but obviously these will also go up on the normal my REAL wall site too 

With this and mini-Andy's resurrection for the Unofficial Thing of the Day, looks like February is going to be a long month!
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