my REAL wall vs Hammersmith and City council - final chapter

I just got a call from the editor of Westside Magazine, who featured my REAL wall this month. It seems that Hammersmith and Fulham council read the article in the magazine and have decided to set the record straight. They send me a quote from the council's communications officer

It became apparent that this was a hobby and not a business, so the matter was dropped and Mr Hoang was not fined a penny

and asked for my quote back by the end of the day, to which I wrote the following, which I doubt will be published in all it's glory. Let's wait and see what happens.

I and the readers of my REAL wall are so relieved that the council have backed down over this without unnecessary fines and it's such a relief to know that it only took a 50ft sign over Tower Bridge, blu-tacced protest postcards on the door of the Town Hall and a sustained blog campaign to get them to do so. my REAL wall will continue to showcase the most innovative mailart in London and I'm looking forward to including a postcard from the council on my REAL wall soon.

Watch this space for more and thanks again to everyone who sent in protest post!
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