Sent items/wall-to-wall - Erika

I'm not yet sure how to present a wall-to-wall dialogue in a my REAL wall stylee yet so for now I'll just put this up here. I may need to put the links to other peoples sites in, or upload pics in a REAL wall stylee then somehow make the wall to wall connection, so you can click on a correspondent's name and see postcards to and from each. Any ideas on how I can do this?

This is quite a funny one because it nearly resulted in me getting in a punch up with Erika's insanely insecure boyfriend. I flirt with her and it really gets up his nose. Not that it bothers me, if he REALLY thinks I have a chance then he's obviously doing something wrong and needs to sort that shit out and not take it out on me.

When I went over to her house to take pics of my postcard sent from Trinidad for my first wall-to-wall, he got the arsehole and told me never to come over unannounced again. Or else.

To which I replied, "...or else what?"

and he stormed out.

Hahahahahaha. What a cock.
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