Definitely NOT a waste

I'm in Rant mode.

I have to confess a great love of that I've developed even more in the absence of facebook groups and I just wanted to get a quick rant off.

I went out for a fabulous walk on Sunday with a meetup group run by minty trips. Their meetup group to Knole House in Sevenoaks and met loads of really nice people and had a really relaxing day out.

The whole day cost £20 and was in my view a bargain. Alright it pays for the train tickets and that's pretty much it, but I wouldn't have gone if I hadn't paid.

While chatting to one of the guys there, he pointed out that the train ticket costs £9 and that the organiser was turning a profit from all of us. To which I replied "So what, are you having a good time?" to which he replied "Yes, BUT he's making a profit out of us and isn't about turning a profit"

Well that is absolute bullshit. Meetup is a way to bloody meet people and THAT'S IT. What the hell does it matter if someone makes a profit out of bringing people together to have fun!?

What a nobber.

There's only 2 questions you should ask when you pull your wallet out to buy anything and those are

  1. Can I afford it?
  2. Will it make my life better?

After that nothing else matters.

If you've not already seen it, this pic sits in my wallet usually at the front, and I guess it's the reason I don't get miserable when I spend money.

The pic is of me and my mate Jay, who I met at uni in 1999. We lived on the same corridor in Jack Martin in Warwick and hit it off straight away, and these days we still meet up for drinks and pool occasionally when we get a chance.

One hot summers day, I was walking by a junk shop and, as I often do, I decided to buy a Mr Men swimming pool for a fiver and take it back to halls, where me and Jay promptly filled it with water. I remember there being a hosepipe ban on, so we walked the water down the stairs in buckets and bowls so it took a while to fill up.

Once full, we grabbed a couple of Callipos and chilled for a while knee-deep in water with big grins on our faces.

Shortly some other student walked by and tutted loudly.

"What a waste" he said in our direction

Quickly and perfectly naturally. Jay replied, "it's not a waste if you've had fun"

So lighten up people and remember that life really is as enjoyable as you make it.

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