mischief - Film star!

The most unlikely thing happened to me earlier tonight as I walked home through the cool district of Malasana on the way back from Spanish class.

Firstly I spoke to a girl.

Secondly, it was in Spanish and thirdly....

So I was walking back and see this chica guapa on the other side of the road coming out of a door. I was walkin along minding my own business and we made eye contact.

Next thing you know she crossed the road and tapped me on the shoulder!

No she's not a puta but she asked me in Spanish "De donde eres?"

Now to this question I always seem to get the wrong answer as I have a load of options. As I'm English and living in Madrid but of Vietnamese descent it's not always obvious what angle the questioner wants me to take.

So I told her I lived around the corner, assuming that my luck was in.

She wasn't interested in this and asked me again so I went for plan b

"Soy de Ingleterra" I said

She wasn't interested in that either so the last option came out and I said I was from Vietnam, which all my yellow readers will know is a total lie.

Suddenly her face lit up and she said

"Would you like to be in a short film with me?"

A little gobsmacked I said of course I would and she then asked me if I spoke any Vietnamese.

As many of you who follow this blog know, I am totally crap at Vietnamese and the idea of having to do a film on the fly with a fit Spanish girl in which I talk only Vietnamese from a Spanish script is both completely absurd and a bit of a turn-on actually...(oops did I say that out loud...?)

So tomorrow, if she rings me back (yeah she gave me her number there and then!) I'm going to have to muddle my way through a Spanish script, translating into English then Vietnamese.

Oh my days!
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