Catedral de Justo in Mejorada del Campo

Aging ex-monk Justo Gallego Martinez woke up one morning in the 1960s with an idea in his head.

He was going to build his own cathedral.

With no architectural or engineering experience, he started work on his own cathedral and has been building it non-stop ever since, ploughing his families savings into it and building it from donated or found materials. The result is this amazing shrine to God, made of broken brick and cement, ceilings made of tiles interweaved with plasterboard and newspaper and bell towers of broken bricks.

It's pretty mindboggling to think that one guy has built this HUGE monument pretty much single-handedly with no plans at all!

Can you imagine that - your husband wakes up one morning and says "Hmmm I fancy building a cathedral"

What a legend!

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