All lines lead to...

Last weekend I came up with the spectacularly good idea of walking around Madrid along every single Metro line on the system. So I started at the end of linea 1 at Congosto and made my way up to Plaza de Castilla, a walk totalling just over 7 hours in length, and I've taken a pic of me outside every single station. The whole walk was puncuated by Britney Spears in my headphones.

Why bother?

Firstly, cos it's there.

Secondly, I guess that I want to take massive pointless walks in memory of Simon my best mate who recently passed away. As we grew up, he was my constant companion on some of the most pointless walks around, including the walk to Greenwich on Millenium Eve when we got beaten up by gypoes and our weekly Safeways doughnut trek.

Today I've got the day off and I'm gonna walk the whole of line 2 for a laugh. 1 line down, 11 to go!This one's for you Si!
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