Dosa Boys Insider: New poll in the sidebar

The Dosa Boys blog is coming to a bit of a hairy section soon where the team really starts to fall apart and some REALLY out of order things were said. I've weighed some up in retrospect and some things I think are not that important to know, but there is one bit that I am NOT going to leave out.

However, one thing was said that I think really was completely wrong and seemed to reflect a far deeper issue. The problem I'm having now is that to understand what happened next in day 8 properly you need to know what was said.

But if I say what was said then that person will end up absolutely fucked.

Should what happens in the rickshaw stay in the rickshaw? I believe it shouldn't because people should ALWAYS be responsible for their actions. If you say something like that and there's a blogger in the back that you know is writing about the trip and you KNOW that I blog about EVERYTHING then you should fucking well watch your tongue.

And I'm not white either...

You know what I'm talkin about Dosa Boys. The Dosa Boy that I've been emailing a lot recently has nothing to worry about. The other one though may well have problems coming up, that he brought on himself.

Help me out - vote for what you want to see in the poll in the sidebar.
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