Washing up

I don't do cookin or cleanin and I was askin Einar, my Norweigian flatmate the other day how to operate the washing machine.

He gave me a long talk about how some old Norweigian woman had told him always to wash his trousers on a hot cycle and that 40 degrees was for pussies or something.

Basically this old woman had told him that if you wash your cruds at 40 the piss stays in them, so with this in mind and the thought of 7 year old crusty pee contaminating everything else I chucked everything in at about 300 degrees today.

Now thankfully the undercrackers are completely free of any urine.

However, all of my cheaply printed T-shirts (yes that includes YOURS 4LeafCC...) are now blank and most of my wooly jumpers fit mini-Andy.

That'll teach me to listen to old Norweigian women...
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