Essays by naughty children

New mischief side-project alert!

I've got SO many essays in from naughty children that I thought I'd start a new blog for a laugh.

As if The Adventures of mini-Andy and Dosa Boys wasn't enough I thought that I'd go for a collaborative angle with some other teachers on a new blog cunningly entitled "Essays by Naughty Children" which can obviously be found at

First essays go up tomorrow night, feel free to review and add commentary - there is a very strange one about ear wax and a few on various art criticism angles.

At the end of the year I'll be sending regular mischief readers (yes that means YOU Foss and YOU Tora) a big photocopied encyclopaedia of collected crap information collated by naughty children for you to read on the bog - it will be the surprise hit christmas present of 2007 mark my words!

An ad has been put on TES staffroom to look for collaborators around the world. If anyone knows any naughty children who want an essay send them to me!
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