New life in Madrid begins here

So I landed in Madrid from Gatwick North Terminal (very nice actually - very impressed) via the BA (lovely sevice - lots of leg room) into terminal 4.

Terminal 4 is gorgeous. It's brand new and really well designed, spacious and bright and remarkably unstressful for an airport. It was so impressive in fact I think that in all my travels it's the nicest airport I've ever seen and said so to a couple of people.

So I got my bags from the stainless steel conveyor belts, took them past the absolutely gorgeous ladies in security (welcome to Spain) and out the front door

...where I notice that a 500Kg ETA bomb has blown apart the car park.

Well that was a shock.

As for me I was in India when that went off and somehow this IMMENSE explosion that tore through a concrete and steel car park leaving a hole about 20mx20m killing 2 was deemed not newsworthy enough to make the West Bengal Telegraph (The Dosa Boys did though!) so I missed out.

Bit surprised that, with me going to Madrid no-one mentioned it though. I guess it wouldn't have made much differrence really.

Anyway life here is great, apart from the little fact that I have to find a flat in the next two days. I get turfed out of the hotel on the 24th just in time for my birthday so here´s wishing for a birthday treat of a roof above my head!
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