Naughty or nice?

Yesterday I had a lesson with my year 7s, who are like 11 years old and at the begininning I set fire to some alcohol and threw it around between beakers for a laugh.

As you do.

While presenting the lesson I mentioned that I really like fire (who doesn't) and that at home I didn't have anything to light my gas cooker with.

Today in lesson 1, my year 7s brought me a little present.

Two of the girls had wrapped it up in silver wrapping paper and it was opened, as usual with the usual michief gusto. Inside was a box of matches, pink with little blue chickens on it. Boy have they got me sussed!

I looked at it, thanked them and told them how cool it was that they understood my sense of humour so well.

Then I looked a bit closer and realised that perhaps they got my sense of humour a bit TOO well...

I mean "Bar Cock, Madrid"!?!

I had to suppress all the cock gags as fast as they came to my mind, but I couldn't help wondering if, as innocent 2nd language 11 year olds they knew the implications of this!
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