I couldn't resist any longer. I'm now a fully paid up flickr member and my whole day has been spent uploading. Wow. What a site.

Have just added a load of photos to the carnival photo tagged "Karneval Aalborg 2006" - This is my favourite carnival in the world even more so than Notting Hill, not as intense but SO relaxed. The Danes really know how to party I tell ya that much, they let their hair down properly, get drunk but not rowdy and EVERYONE takes part in the spirit of carnival.

At no other carnival in the world will you see so many people up for it, dressed in everything from cow outfits, pirates, nurses, bikinis, Willys (no seriously see the pics for yourself there is one guy dressed as a willy complete with a bell-end helmet), Patients on stretchers with full support crew and everything in between.

It's such a great carnival everyone gets up for it weeks before and make their own costumes. Everyone needs to go to it.

This was the only folder on my computer of which I uploaded the whole folder with nothing left out. You'll see why.
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