Dosa Boys Insider: Crash

There's been a situation in Darjeeling.

It seems that 2 nights ago our Dosa Boys rickshaw was found crashed with blood in the backseats. It was taken from the compound where it was meant to be submitted and driven through the streets.

The rickshaws were meant to be submitted, with keys and paperwork to the Red Cross compound on the same street as Joeys Bar on the 12th, which is the official end of the Rickshaw Run.

After we had finished our run, Nick was furious to find that the Mercy Corps, who we were donating our rickshaws to, had changed their plans on how the money was to be used.

It seems that the mob in Siliguri, where we were meant to have given the rickshaws away, had been making threats to the families involved. The people who hired the rickshaws out to people previously didn't want their busineses threatened by the influx of a load of new rickshaws so they had made threats and so Mercy Corps decided to sell the rickshaws on instead and use the money to buy tools for a tea co-operative instead, which suited me fine

Nick though had other ideas. He was under the impression that the rikshaws needed to go to a family at all costs. me and Ivan didn't really give a shit where they went cos we figured it was to a good cause.

Nick didn't hand our keys in and was bragging about how he was gonna give the rickshaws out to a family himself like some modern day Robin Hood and bragging about how he was gonna use his leverage in the media to show Mercy Corps up.

I had told him a number of times to pull himself together - I mean it's not like Mercy Corps is out to fuck anyone over - but he wanted to give the rickshaw away himself. me and ivan distanced ourselves from this plan ages ago and we are so easy about things that we just let him rant and rave on his own. Nothing to do with us.

So the Rickshaws go into the Red Cross compound, everyone hands in their keys.

Except Nick who has this idea of stealing it back and giving it to the poor.

And they all go down the bar.

Now 2 runners are in hospital.

Ours was the only available Rickshaw after the lads got pissed up so Nick leant the key to one of the other teams, either the Calamity Crew or the Rajastan Raiders he won't say which. All I know is that one has lost his nose and another has a hole in his face and that they have been rushed to Calcutta hospital.

Ivan was in bed at the time at Wangdis and Nick had to pay 20,000Rs damages to the car that the rickshaw collided with. He's tried to make Ivan pay half too, but the guy wsa in bed for fucks sakes.

I'm glad I'm in Rajastan.

What the hell was Nick thinkin?! He had a go at me when I leant our vehicle to the shrimpers and now he's gone and done this?!

Our sponsors have every right to be furious - they didn't pay for a bunch of drunk lads to go joyriding they paid for a rickshaw to be given to charity.

It's a write-off now and someone is going to have to take the blame.

I know where my finger is pointing...
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