The travelling sketchpad: part 1

In 2001 I travelled to the USA and caned it across from coast to coast. One of the things I wanted to do while I was out there was to practise drawing so I brought a little sketchpad with me.

However, I realised after a few attempts at trying to capture the world on paper, that I have absolutely no ability to draw whatsoever and that drawing detracted from that activity that I am actually really good at - talking to people. Realising that everyone else in the world probably had more artistic thoughts than me I came up with a new idea.

"Sod this," I thought, "let's get other people to draw stuff for me"

And so began the travelling sketchpad.

There are many good things about taking a sketchpad out and asking other people to draw in it, not least that you get to talk to them. But further than that, what they draw is sometimes much deeper than what they say and I got some real gems, including the gangster on the train and the homeless christian guy.

I'll upload those entries when I dig up that pad. For now though, here's some grafitti written all over my lesson planner by one of my pupils when I put my book down!
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