Pimp my Rickshaw across India!

Just set up the site for the new Dosa Boys project in which a physics teacher and a profesional gambler decide to buy a rickshaw and travel the length of India in 2 weeks. The rickshaw then goes to a nice home where it gives some impoverished family a means to make a living.

So there I was jsut thinkin that I haven't done anything silly for a while and I surf the web and find this lunatic idea to go 3000 miles in a rickshaw. I obviously apply to do it and set out to find someone dumb enough to agree to do it with me, being as I am utterly incompetent with any form of vehicle and prone to wandering and doing stupid things in Foreign countries.

Then Ivan rings.

Can you believe that. How often in life do you even meet anyone called Ivan!? Things were lookin up. Then he tells me he's a professional gambler and I think things couldn't get any better and we sort the whole thing out to get ourselves over to India and travel the length of the country in a rickshaw.

Now bear in mind that these things are actualyl designed to travel about 10 miles on short trips costing like 10 rupees and suddenly the idea of travelling 3000 miles across the impoverished landscape of India suddenly doesn't sound so comfortable.


So that's xmas sorted out then. All things being equal, we should be setting off on the 24th to spend xmas over in Kerala, where we will eat curry and pimp our ride.

After that, we'll head off on the trip (I feel very tempted to add the adjective "gruelling" in there for some reason) which we still need to work the finer details out for.

Chances are we will end up tryin to work out the finer points of rickshaw engineering (I don't think Hayes has a rickshaw manual but you know what I want for xmas now) and also the finer points of the Indian toilet system but you won't miss a moment of it on the new Dosa Boys website.

And while you're there, why not sponsor this madness and get your name on our ride! It's a wicked idea!
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