An escape to anywhere

After Olga suggeseted the other day that maybe we should do a joint blog and photo trip, I couldn't get the idea out of my mind. It's been FAR too long since I had a damn good adventure, met cool as hell people and woke up wonderin where the hell I am. Right now I'm just stewing and gettin unbeliievably bored. My new Gumtree ad says it all

I'm fed up. Completely dang well fed up of workin in London, schools are full of brats and I need to escape somewhere very very far away, at least until January when some decent jobs come up but I'll be honest if I could escape for longer I would.

If you are as fed up as me, have a great sense of humour, itchy feet and a few free months on your hands then lets get out of here and just hit the road to anywhere, nowhere and everywhere.

A bit about me - I'm a Vietnamese Londoner, teacher by trade and compulsive blogger Travellin would be a great chance to write some blog and just get this silly country out of my mind for bit with it's chavs and crap schools. Grrrrr!

I've travelled to Kuwait (I was pissed when I accepted the job) and Romania and a bunch of other places, India, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, too many too mention. I travel anywhere at the drop of a hat and get involved with everything. Some people even tell me I'm quite a laugh.

I'm not up for just goin on a Worldwide pub crawl, let's go out and play chess with the locals, jump naked into lakes and sneak on trains. I reckon if I could get a gang of 4 like minds up I would be the happiest man in the world.

So come on you bums! What are you waitin for contact me and let's bust out of this joint as soon as we can!
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