99% of everything is crap. It's official. Alan Moore says so

I've just been reading an interview with the mighty Alan Moore in Mustard magazine in which he makes the following comments about life, which I subsequently found myself verifying.

On being asked about Hollywood and the movie industry (which he hates because they have consistently cocked up all his books, e.g. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, V for Vendetta and Swamp Thing) Alan says something along these lines...

"And so yeah, you will occasionally get a good film that slips through the net, but that leaves you with a medium where 99% of the product is shit.

Now, as my daughter says, 'Yes dad but then 99% of EVERYTHING is shit. It's Sturgeon's Law'

And I quite agree. There are a lot of shit comic books, novels and record albums, but they don't cost 100 million dollars to make and when you're talkin about sums like that, which is probably what the education budget of a small emerging nation then that's where it starts to cross the line from being a bit distasteful to actually being evil"

As this is the mighty Alan Moore speaking then to me this was the word of God. I mean no messin about, as a fan of Alan Moore, to me even the words of the offspring of the Alan Moore are holier than the Koran (there that should piss my Kuwaiti readership off some...). I soon found myself applying Sturgeons logic and realised that he is absolutely right.

Nicking an idea from Ryaninja of putting links to my favourite blogs so far in the sidebar, I had a rummage around the archives. And lo and behold, most of what I've written is indeed crap. So much of it in fact that I've decided that, this being the 300th post, I could only put about 15 links in the side.

So it's official then. 95% of my site is crap. Alan Moore and Mr. Sturgeon were absolutely right.
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