Vietnamese banana wanting to get back in touch with my roots - Age 26

Hi I'm mischief, 26 and I'm a banana. Yeah those of you Viets in the know realise that that means that I'm yellow on the outside and white on the inside.

It's taken me a while to realise it but I'm now not happy with being so white inside and want to learn Vietnamese and about myself. My vocab is really poor and my grammar nearly non-existent cos I've lived as a white boy for far too long, going to university (Physics BSc, PGCE Secondary Science and TEFL - TEFL for God's sakes! How much more English and middle class can you get!?!) and I think it's about time I addressed this.

I'm not quite prepared to take off and immerse myself in Vietnam so I'm looking to meet Vietnamese people, hopefully to speak Vietnamese (badly) and to try and rediscover what it's like to be foreign. Not sure how one goes about doing this but I am into movies, reading comics and going to the theatre and eating and drinking out. Oh yeah I'll also play football anywhere at the drop of a hat and I dance for a large carnival group in North London. If you want to just go and hang out, catch a show or a gallery or something, play football, grab a beer and chat in Vietnamese then you are the person I'm lookin for.

Get in touch but don't write in Vietnamese cos I won't be able to read it (well I will but it will take me ages and I will probably end up getting the pronunciation and tone wrong and thinking that you have said "Dog" instead of "give" or "banana" instead of "crawl" (you'll only know what I mean if you're Vietnamese) so it will just appear like gibberish to me.

Looking forward to hearing from anyone at all. Heck if you're not Vietnamese and just want a laugh then I'm open-minded too.

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