The London Shyness Group

I've recently joined and joined up to a martial arts group who meet every sunday to talk and train in the mystic arts. Makes sense.

While on the site I couldn't help noticing there's also a London Shyness Group, whose blurb advertises the following...

"Meet other people who suffer from shyness or social phobia. Offer support and understanding and share stories. Feel comfortable to walk into a room full of new friends and start up or join in a conversation with like-minded people."

I just pictured the scene. One guy walks into a pub. Looks around. Sees someone he thinks might also be a member. Looks around a bit more. Social phobia kicks in when he realises that there are actually more people in the pub. He runs away.

The rest of the night is spent with the remaining group members, mumbling to each other, desperate not to draw attention to themselves. At the end no-one can get up the courage to ask for anyone elses number.

The group has only 1 member at the moment. The mind boggles...
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