Dying of boredom

I've had cheese for breakfast
I've had cheese for dinner
The sheer stress of boredom
is makin me thinner

Slimmer and slimmer is my social life
Skim the Friday Times just to find a wife
Here's my wrist, God give me the knife
I'm in a tunnel, someone turn on the lights

It's dark in here, I'm going out of my mind
Scanning books just to pass the time
The Middle East is not a place
for a guy of Twenty Five

Kuwait is a graveyard of the walking dead
The queen of the ghouls is my deputy head

Unfinished poem from last year! Have just been rooting through the archives on my computer and found this. I'm no longer in the mindset to complete this one as this was a product of ABSOLUTE and complete boredom, a state I cannot and will not return to, so will leave it in it's unfinished form a bit like Michaelangelo's David. Except without his cock hanging out...
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