Ignorance and irony in the middle east

The Kuwaitis are not a happy people. They and the Saudis share a lot in common, mainly that they are both rich and pathetic. When I found out that a tutee of mine last year had a Saudi relative I had to ask “Is he happy living there?” to which he replied “Yes of course he is Sir. He can go over the bridge to Bahrain at any time to watch movies.”

I wasn’t aware before that that the Saudis had banned all imported movies so this was already a great discovery and I had to dig a little deeper just because I couldn’t believe what I had heard. I thought that the Kuwaitis were absurd but this put the tin lid on it.

The logic given for this was that Saudi Arabia, being the home of Mecca and the centre of Islam was meant to retain some sort of spiritual purity. By allowing in foreign movies that may contain a bit of filth, the government would soon have to legislate for more and more disgusting depravity which would sully the purity of Islam. So to avoid having to do this they just banned them altogether.

That’s fair enough, given the way that the Kuwaiti Muslims always bang on about westerners are so depraved and it is a spiritual centre.

I just find it a little ironic that with such conservative views the Saudis decided to build a bridge over to Bahrain, where they can and do freely indulge in beer, sex and movies to their hearts content before jumping back on their high horses and killing westerners in the name of their religion.

These people have got to stop hiding behind their religion for their fucked up outlook on the world and grow up. If the Arabs want to live a chaste and pure life and impose that on the expats who come to live there, not to mention declaring jihad on the rest of the world to try and make us act the same way as them, then why don’t they try setting an example that is worth following.

The fact that I see Gulf-state Arabs in and around London tucking into beer and having sex with whores all the time doesn’t exactly make me think that they are too happy within their own lifestyle. If they were why would they leave and come to live amongst us to do what we do? And why then do they go back, and think that they have some sort of moral high ground?

The problem is not with Islam, but with the unfortunate interpretation of Islam by the Arabs, who do not possess the mental apparatus to interpret and live the message as it was meant to be. It is an unfortunate historical fact that Mecca is in the middle of the Middle East and that the Arabs are so fucking stupid and they have the responsibility for the most holy site.

Muslims I’ve met around the world, here in the UK and expat Muslims in Kuwait (Pakistani, Egyptian etc) seem to be able to rationally interpret the word of Allah but the Arabs never seem to quite understand what it’s all about.

Am I a racist? Maybe I am, but after spending a year having to stomach small minded Kuwaiti racism I don’t have a problem having that criticism levelled at me over this issue.
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