Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in the supermarket

I went to the Supermarket yesterday to buy some Salami and Yoghurt and found myself feeling a little mischievious. My basket was full of assorted goodies for eating, the worlds favourite activity and I was firing to get home and stick it all in my mouth.

Lined up in the queue, I found myself twitching with anticipation of sticking yoghurt all over my mouth cavity and started to physically shake a bit and I became at that point acutely aware that I was probably looking like a raving dog or a right spastic.

I looked around self-consciously and noticed that the geezer standing behind me in the checkout queue was in a suit and looked very, well normal I guess you could say and the need to make mischief just grew.

I looked in my basket and, shaking with anticipation of el noshos, I pulled out the yoghurts and placed them in a neat little line where the "next customer" barrier usually is between customers.

Then I twitched a bit.

Scratching my ear I nervously removed the salami and placed it on the counter, one packet at a time, neatly on top of each other, making sure to keep them exactly in the centre of the conveyor belt and to avoid the spilt milk that was staining the whole affair.

The guy behind me started to get a tiny bit impatient and went to move the salami. I snapped and freaked a bit, waving my arms at his hands and muttering under my breath. He didn't do that again...

I then went on to neatly line up the muesli bars, in perfect lines with perfectly parallel stacking and lined up my bread rolls so that they formed 2 parallel lines of 6 at right angles to the direction of movement of the conveyor belt.

The guy behind me looked quite relieved when finally the next customer bar was passed back and I had to make a grab for it to make sure he didn't ruin the perfect symmetry of my creation. I wouldn't let him touch it at all.

The girl at the counter paid my creation no mind whatsoever and just passed everything through. I was tempted to cry just for theatrical effect, but decided that he had had enough.

On the way through, while I packed my bags, I am convinced that I heard the Hungarian word for "weirdo" uttered by man in suit and i smiled a happy smile inside, while twitching furiously outside.

Another standard day in Budapest then...
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