Time to Party!

I was up at 4:30 this morning cos I had rung Maggie at Yaa last night and asked her what time we were headed to Paris for the Paris Carnival.

"Be there for 7 sharp. We need to leave Yaa at Seven prompt and can't hang around"

So I got to bed at 9pm and got up at 4:30am to get the 5:20 train out of Abbey Wood. I got to Yaa just in time at 7am. However, no-one else was there. Cos it turns out I was 12 hours early. I feel like a right twat. Naturally I had to burst out laughing, before going home and going back to sleep.

So I thought I'd come back and tap up my blog for the first time in ages and check my realmail. Nothing exciting at all - another school wants me *yawn*, great deals from Somerfield on cheese (2 for one on cathedral city cheese. mmmmmmm) and money off lamb joints, the GTC want me to integrate ethnic minorities into my lessons by considering ethnic stuff and a tutoring agency want me to fill in yet another form to work for them: no chance.

If they want me they should make it easy for me as I don't have time to fill in my name and address, experience and qualifications again for the billionth time. If they want me to work for them they should bleedin well ring me and fill the form out themselves, i'm the qualified one and these a*******s are just English graduates who can't get a real job so spend their time tryin to find more talented people jobs. grrrrr!

This mornings little escapades harked back to incident almost a year ago when I just happened to wake up pretty early one morning, all excited cos I was going to Kuwait at 8 o clock.

It was about 4 in the morning and my bags weren't packed but that was ok cos I still had 16 hours til the plane. Stretching and yawning I bumbled around, scratching my arse and wondering how I was gonna pass the time until the flight and what essentials I might need to pack (I was on the 'essentials' part of my packing at this stage. That is LONG before the consideration of 'luxuries' or even 'could be useful' phases) when I thought, "hmmm let me just check the time of the plane on my ticket and work out what train I need to be on"

Bearing in mind it takes about 3 hours to get to Heathrow from my house I thought that a good early well-thought out plan *cough* might do me some good.

With bugger all packed the sight of the 0800 flight to Dubai was definitely NOT what I wanted to see. I coulda swore it was 8PM! With my packing time cut by a cool 12 hours I really had to sort myself out! Blues and Lonelybandman got a 4am goodbye phone call and my cruds were promptly packed in (essential), then my passport (luxury) and lastly my ticket (could be useful) before Pops was belled up to help me carry stuff.

In retrospect I may have done well not to bother packing those non-essential items...

Kuwait was a major disappointment. I cannot say it was a mistake to go as every experience, even the bad ones, are experiences from which something can be learnt and there certainly was a shedload to be learnt from this one, even though many of the lessons were lessons in a reality I didn’t want to think possible.

When I left the UK I wanted to be able to come home and say to my and the readers of my blog right here, "the media have got it all wrong. Those arabs are well alright. I've made loads of friends and they've been nothing but hospitable to me." but I just cant.

I went out with an open mind, determined not to be influenced by the media of the west, with it’s talk of crazy arabs and misinterpretations of Jihad. I wanted to go and apply my positive slant to a race who I felt had been poorly treated by the west and see for myself what all the fuss was about.

Surel, terms like “you cheatin’ Arab!” and “You lyin’ Arab!” were out and out racism weren’t they? These terms had to be unfair. Surely all this talk of a race of people who wanted to wage war on the west for no good reason had to be a pack of xenophobic propaganda aimed up at stirring up bad feeling right?


Even when I take the most positive and naïve slant on the Arabs of the Gulf, I see a group of intolerant and ignorant racists who are suffering from serious delusions of grandeur. At best these people would be harmless xenophobes, stuck in the desert with little or no influence, but as it stands these people happened to be sitting on some oil and now thinks that the world owes them a favour for it.

As a teacher in Kuwait I must say that the Kuwaitis are the most loathsome people I have ever met, so lacking in basic social graces and manners, a race of rude, boorish oafs who look down on every other citizen of the world, not realising that they themselves live in nothing more than a dustbowl of a desert with no natural resources except for oil. The people are cowards, weak and unskilled, mainly uneducated and lazy, because their wealth has made them think they are invincible.

This in itself would not be a problem, for they would not be a problem if these were their only failings. However, the discovery of oil by the west and subsequent mining of this natural resource has come at a high price. It has given power and wealth to the ignorant and has given the Kuwaitis (and for that matter other Gulf states) a feeling that they are actually worth something and not just pointless deserts in the middle of nowhere.

We came along, and by “we” I refer to the powers of the west, discovered oil and have since used our advanced technology and research to extract the oil from the ground, for which we pay the Arabs huge amounts of money year on year. Without our research, work and expertise, the Arabs would not possess the apparatus or intelligence to extract the oil themselves from what I have seen. As civilised nations we don’t just steal the oil and subjugate the people, as I am now certain the Arabs would have done if the situation had been reversed.

Our money and our work has made some of these countries rich beyond their imaginings and way before they are ready for such wealth. Like that twat who was given his ASBO this week, these twats (the generic term I now use to describe the Arabs these days) have squandered their wealth and are now just a nuisance.

As a nation the Kuwaitis do not possess the requisite qualities of a nation that should possess the amount of money it currently has access to. Namely, there are probably not enough brain cells in the country (possibly only about 4 brain cells in the entire country if you were to take all the ex-pats out) and they do not have the maturity to deal with it.

In the many conversations I had with Kuwaitis I would often need to pinch myself to reassess what exactly it was that these people were saying.

I would often tutor Kuwaiti kids for whom education was a misunderstood concept. In that society (note that I refuse to sully the word “culture” by applying it to these animals. They do not possess a culture they possess a society that is destined to fail because they have no culture) they only seem to want to go to school as a form of competition. It is not in order to actually learn anything, god no. These people go to school so that they can “send their kids to university” so that they can say they have a kid in university.

They have absolutely no idea what the aim of university is, as they have no real ambition. Why should they, when their government just GIVE them money to spend?!

During some of these tutorial sessions I would chat to the kids about what they were thinking and how they viewed the west. What I heard really disturbed me.

All the images I had seen on CNN and the BBC of irrational Arabs declaring jihad on the west were there in my front room. One lad I spoke to said that if an ayatollah were to declare jihad and tell him to go to war on the west he would drop everything and go and fight. This kid was perhaps 13 years old. The prevailing thinking was in favour of the “hero” Osama Bin Laden who was a freedom fighter against the evil west. The west had taken all their money and was a bad influence.

Well excuse me you fuckin ignorant fucks. Let’s take this and break it down. Without us you would be nothing. We pay for your oil, but you are too stupid to spend your money wisely. Your own infighting is tearing you up, like the west’s infighting in the dark ages.

Talking of the dark ages, the Kuwaitis have only this year given women the vote and the Saudis won’t even let them drive. They still have slaves working in their homes and businesses, who they abuse systematically. Despite their immense wealth, the Kuwaitis import thousands of low paid workers from the Indian subcontinent and the poor far eastern countries, notably Nepal and the Philippines every year to work as drivers and maids.

In Saudi recently a minister, lobbying for the right of women to drive used this absolutely appaling argument that sums up the thinking of Gulf Arabs nicely. He said that women should be given the right to drive because it would save the Saudis lots of money and hassle importing Indian drivers who were all rapists and criminals.

What a fucking idiot. But this is the way they think. Despite their considerable wealth, the Arabs prefer to keep everything cheap, and not to make any progress technologically. They are simple people who do not wish to improve anyones quality of life but their own and they want to do it cheaply. And they want to blame other people for their own shortcomings.

Rather than taking the blame for sex crimes on their own shoulders the Arabs go and blame the low-paid foreign workers that they know damn well have no rights in their society. They fail to look at problems within their own walls, where they deny their own people the freedom to express their feelings, a problem which results in a massive amount of homosexuality (which is all denied as Homosexuality is in contravention of Sharia).

They can try to deny that Arabs are gayboys, but I saw too much evidence to support the case. The number of times I got in a Haji truck to be propositioned by the driver is too many to mention. Oonce one of them even went on to stroke his cock through his dishdasha while talking to me and wanted to grab a hold of mine and there was the incident when myself and 3 Pilipino guys got in a Haji truck to be offered the ride for free if just one of us gave the driver a kiss.

The grapevine in Kuwait on good authority that in Kuwait the prevailing thinking is that you are not a faggot unless you take it up the arse, and hence the philipinos were seen as bumboys to the sexually repressed Arabs, who were inherently terrified of women because their society did not permit any form of sexual content with women they weren’t married to. This kind of inhuman prohibition of sexual desire naturally leads men to try and get their ends away up any hole they can and leads to some fuckin weird behaviour.

I have no problem with gays, but this is not gayness quite as we know it. Whereas in the west men will choose to be gay from an array of options (gay, straight, bi, etc) out there the men do not have the luxury of choice and are left just wanting to get their knobs wet. These guys are then bloody dangerous as they become real sexual predators because of their insatiate lust. I have never felt less comfortable with people than when I around these gay predators of the Middle East.

And the Saudi minister has the gall to blame the Indians, who work their balls off just to scratch a living. Take a look in your own back yards you hypocrites.

As for the rest of that ridiculous racist statement, it sums up all that is despicable about humanity and embodies just what it is that makes the Arabs so loathsome.

They employ these extremely poor Indians and they give them no rights whatsoever and casually assault them, verbally in the media in this case. The Arabs are a disgrace. While I was out there, I was not shown hospitality by a single Kuwaiti. The most I could expect was NOT to be treated with complete contempt due to my position as a teacher, but most the time it was just contempt.

My conversations with Kuwaitis would usually go as far as

“where are you from?”


“No where are you from?”

London. England

“No you are not. You are from the Philippines

At this point I would be tempted to say “No mate you asked me where I am from and I am TELLING you I am from London.” But these people were really too ignorant to acknowledge this as I was the colour of their slaves and therefore I must be from the Philippines. They usually assumed then that I must have received a bump on the head while doing the cleaning and had forgotten where I was from.

Those who persevered would then say “But where are your origins?” To which I would reply “Vietnam” and would often get back “Whereabouts in the Philippines is that” I just gave up having any conversations that began with the line “where are you from?” – There is no point conversing with idiots.

Since getting back, I see the value of our intervention in the middle east.

Saddam was as much of a loony as most of these twats and to kick his arse makes the world a much safer place. In fact I was so perturbed by what I saw out in the middle east that I am tempted to sign up with the Territorial army myself because I genuinely feel that the west and my way of life is in danger from these people.

When you hear them talkin they are insane and I feel that they pose a threat to global security that is not emphasised enough by our press. If I had to defend the UK (probably not as a soldier mind - with my frame! ha! I'd be doing something else like logistics) then I would because I believe in the freedom of the west and the values it stands for. If it ever did end up that the west had it out with the Arabs I would be right there to pull the trigger because they are so loathesome. Do I sound like a Nazi? I am just a man with beliefs, and when I feel that my friends and family are threatened then I will stop at nothing to defend them.

The Arabs, now that they are armed with wealth given to them by us, pose a real and immediate threat. Do the right thing and kick one of their arses today.

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