God what a shithole

Well I've just about had it now. Kuwait has drained me of any will to live whatsoever. The day usually starts off with someone in the car whingeing about how shitty it is out here and swearing their head off at some crap driver or other, swerving seemingly trying to kill us. The usual gags are laid down about fat, lazy Kuwaitis how deficient this place is in such pleasantries as grass, trees, or for that matter anything to do.

By the time I arrive in school both me and Ed want to slash our wrists and are desperate to see the kids just cos they still make us happy. It normally takes about 20 minutes before my favourite students come in, in the meantime I am just downright depressed.

Right now though, my enthusiasm for living is troughing and lessons are progressively deteriorating. Nothing seems to perk me up. There is only really one solution.

I've signed up for another year, but damn I will go absolutely mental if i hang around. At the moment the plan is to nail a job in a nice school back home, get QTS and 3 years on the CV at a decent place. But the temptation is to throw it all in for a while and go learn kung fu in China, while teaching english. The latter looks more tempting by the day.
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