Looks like all the cool people are going to the middle east...

What a day it's been. Couldn't think of much to do today so I done what I do best and aimlessly wandered around London, taking in how amazing the city is and seeing sights that make me smile.

Sight of the day is a close run thing today, and I only wish I had a camera with me at the time for these two pictures. First candidate has to be the thoroughly miserable japanese student, looking pissed off and downtrodden on Westminster Bridge. In his arms he was holding a beautifully ironic sign advertising McDonalds at City Hall with the words "I'm loving it" - a wonderfully ironic image.

My second favourite discovery was the Diana cafe in Notting Hill, a classic lebanese restaurant I think full of Lebanese people. The only difference is that the place also doubles up as a shrine to Princess Diana with pictures all over the walls of her. A hilarious pastiche of a restaurant. Truly my favourite tourist-authentic combination in London.

Matt - Apologies for my lack of conviction on the Columbian nosh and I think we deserved crap food at Tai Won Mein as penance. See you in the Gulf for a pint and some restricted speech
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