Ebay and the worlds least interested man

While the better-lookin half sat at my desk doing her work on her laptop I bummed around in Putney trawling through charity shops and employment agencies.

The reasoning behind those 2 visitations becomes clear when you look at the pitiful state of my current finances. I've decided that I don't particularly need a job this summer as I have a roof over my head and a job at the end of it to look forward to, so instead I've decided that it's time the bank looked after me and gave me it's fat overdraft to play games with.

As a result I have taken to pissing around with ebay and boot fairs for a laugh. The logic behind this is simple. As a long time ebay buyer (I bought a spear on ebay by accident earlier this year among other purchases) and a pretty bloody obsessive collector and hoarder (I used to collect stamps and comics among other things) I figured that boot fairs are a veritable treasure trove of readily exploitable resources which are just WAITING to be sold on ebay by me.

It was Diet Tasty who inspired me - he buys loads of stuff from boot fairs but being a compulsive hoarder his house is full of potential cash but he just can't bear to be parted from any of his junk! This weekend we were scouting the boot fairs of Peckham and he bought some bargain Swatches which he bloody decided were more value to keep in his house than to sell on ebay. Add that to the 55 other watches then...

I on the other hand have decided to take up the challenge of Del-boying it (most the boot fairs we go to are in Peckham too incidentally) and have gone on the warpath, buying and selling everything from PSIONs to Bauer rollerskates this week at vastly inflated prices having picked them up in the boot fair for next to nothing. It's great fun!

Which leads us to today - I decided that it would be a great idea to blitz the local charity shops for bargains as I'd listed all the stuff I bought on sunday and was bored, so off to Putney I went to spend my money on yet more crap. And crap did I find in spades, some of which I bought and some of which will actually sell! This whole game is marvelous fun!

Then comes the issue of getting a job.

I just happened to have my CV in my bag, and dressed like a bit of a tramp in my "Dogs die in hot cars" T-shirt complete with Oxfam bag full of crap I must have looked like the least interested person in the world as I strolled into agencies and shops casually applying for "any of the jobs in the window please". I may as well have had a neon flashing sign on my head saying "don't bother I don't really care" - perhaps I did by the reactions I got. Shucks

Just so you all are up to date, I walked home from Tooting the other day, after doing a night out on the beat, kind of, with one of the other officers. It was a great laugh and we moved on some weed-smokers. Also went down the mosque on Saturday to get down with the muslims.

Been cintemplating leaving the country but the combined factors of not having any real money to speak of and realising that I'm leaving the country in a month for a year anyway have made me reassess the point of this summer. It's been a while since I had a pointless adventure so I've decided to take up an idea thrown at me off-the-cuff from Dr Yale.

As I love London and I won't be seeing it for a year I've decided to make the most of it while I'm here - once Cute Tiger leaves on Aug 3 I'll head out into town and walk or ride a bike to every tube station on the underground map that I can get to - I figure that it is a great way to see all of London one last time before I go and to see loads of bits of London I just didn't even know existed. Hell I've got a month and nothin to do, there will never be a better chance!

If you fancy joining me when you get back then you're welcome. Til then...party on!

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