I need to watch how I word this one...

Been doin my observations this week in preparation for my PGCE, so I've been at a primary school all week watching kids.

This week has been a riot, messin around in school with a load of primary school kids, watching them and playing around. Today was probably the funniest day of the week though. Having worked my way from the year 6's on monday through every year, going down a year every day I found myself today having the pleasure of the nursery, the school's youngest age group of 3-4 year olds.

I had a feeling I wasn't going to enjoy this so had a backup plan in place to go to the year 3's if it all went wrong.

And boy did it go wrong...

I walked into the nursery and introduced myself. Looking around there were about fifteen 3 year olds variously amusing themselves in the sandpit or painting or reading or sitting down. One of the teachers was sitting by the door to the garden sewing a curtain to put over the door and i walked around looking at the childrens work.

"What's that you're painting?" I asked looking at an undefined mass of blue and green all over a tabletop. "That's my dad" She replied. "Oh dear" I said.

Suddenly one of the children threw up. All over the curtain the teacher was working on. Then he carried on throwing up all over the floor. For about 2 minutes straight.

But what you find about little kids is that, unlike us old gits, they don't realise that being sick is not normal everyday behaviour and he just seemed to think that it was perfectly normal and carried on merrily throwing up.

Meanwhile the rest of the class had gathered around and to add to the chaos, one of the girls started to wet herself.

Enough was enough I thought, made my excuses and left.

What a bundle of laughs kids are I thought, chuckling to myself as I tried to get as far away from them as possible.
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