War. What is it good for? Eyeing up girls of course!

one of the themes central to the Eastern philosophy of Taosim that is so close to my heart, is the appreciation of life and the world just as it is, without interfering.

Just accepting that things happen in nature for a reason like the flow of water around obstacles, is a concept that is surprisingly difficult for the western mind to adapt to, prone as the western thinker is to meddling and breaking down the simple into very complex constituents.

Today was a fantastic example of how a quiet inner peace (albeit with a loud and hyperactive exterior) saw what a wonderful world we live in.

It seems like the wind of change is blowing and I feel her softly caressing my cheek. Sometimes all the right things just happen all at once and there aint shit you can do about it. Today signalled the beginning of my next plan falling into place with a job to fund whatever crazy thought it is that has seeded. By sheer coincidence I happen to be working in the Department of Education, which is bloody useful given that I've got an interview next week for my teaching course and have yet done very little to prove my dedication to the cause. Top that with my mentoring interview the day before the university one as well and I can actually put forward a bloody good case!

But both of these coincidences pales into insignificance in comparison with the realisation that my new job happened to begin on the day of the outbreak of war.

Working, as I do, in Westminster was like a message from above that I really am the chosen one. loads of people decided to bunk off today from school or work and paint their faces to descend upon, yes you guessed it...Westminster, so I got an eyeful of the most open-minded schoolgirl/uni totty that the country has to offer.

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