Don't mention the war

Since there is blanket coverage of the war in every single form of media at present, I have decided to declare Mischief Returns a war-free zone of peace and love, because by the time you've gotten here you've no doubt had enough and want nothing more than light relief at my expense.

It's not that, I don't see the war as incredibly important you understand but I don't really see my view as of any more significance than anyone elses, and at the moment everyone's got a view.

But before I do declare this amnesty on war, I'd like to dedicate the new, peacenik format to one man, who is fighting for the liberation of an oppressed people in Iraq right now.

This is for one of my oldest and most trusted friends, Stu QPR, who has proved time and again that he would willfully lay down his life for me, as he is now doing for all us.

Mate, I swear that when you get back the drinks are on me. I hope and pray that I have that honour.
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