Baaaaa. We are not sheep. One of the many things I love so much about living in London is the fact that the evidence of that last statement is in abundance everywhere. I love nothing more than sitting and watching people in London, who range from grey suits to dreadlocks and nakedness (terrifying), sane to completely barking mad.

There's nothing that makes me sadder than when an individual gives up his free right of expression and strives to be the same as everyone else. Shows a lack of ambition if you ask me. So this week I thought I'd celebrate the characters that make London living so fantastic, those spectacular individuals who are just that - individual.

This is the week of characters, and any submissions of your favourite characters, London-based or otherwise are welcome in the comments at any time.


Matt - I might go character collecting this weekend, with my digital camera and sketchbook and you can take your notepad and we'll do a character collection. You can do interviews and I'll get pictures. Fancy that little project mate? I want a character from every corner much like Giraffe Day and then the charaters from our favourite places. And we might even be able to get some football in while we're at it. And a pint.

Eden - a very tempting offer indeed. hmmmm

Pete - Trading a career in medicine for a life of washing the dishes in vietnamese sweat shops is a great idea and to be applauded
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