House of cards

I've perhaps laboured the point about the Clintons-induced conformity, and the more worrying trend of delegating the responsibility of expressing yourself to somebody else, with my rants about Valentines Day and birthdays, but here's another. Deal with it.

I was listenin to the radio on the way home from Kung Fu when an advert came on for Harrods which started with "what will you be getting your mother for mothers day?" and i thought "nothing given that she's dead"

Even if she wasn't dead I'd still not get her anything. We never needed someone to tell us that we should show our appreciation and love to Mum whenever we got the chance.

There are so many parallels here with valentines day that I won't really labour the point, but I hope this brings into perspective what I've been trying to say.

Admittedly though I am able to see that both valentines day and mothers day do express a sentiment that is really quite sweet, and is perhaps a useful thing to get unexpressive people to express themselves once in a while and for the achievement of spreading love they should be applauded. But don't let it stop there, why wait for Clintons to tell you what to do, just take the sentiment and act on it whenever. The arbitrary day should not be of any consequence.

Unfortunately for those of us with neither a valentine or now a mother both of these days really represents nothing more than deep pain at not really being able to express anything, not that I would be any different on the day, but as a microcosm of missed opportunity for every single day.
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