Rejections Part 2 - The Saint, the Sinner and the Priest

You keep me at arms length so you can protect
Yourself cos I'm not part of the image you want to project
My friends all know you but do yours know me
I doubt I'm the type that they want to see

I live in the shadows behind closed doors
My Way of life never overlaps with yours
I pay scant regard to your social laws
While you stand on the deck I've jumped overboard

I swim with the fishes at my own pace
You're on a treadmill running a nowhere race
Though my sharks are real and the sea is cold
Life is only lived by the brave and bold

A hero dies once, a coward dies a thousand times
It is up to you how you choose to die for your crimes
I am not the judge I just choose my own life sentence
You are the priest for whom you seek repentance

Andy 2003
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