Drop em!

One of those rays of amusement that graces my life occasionally is innovative artistic or comedy grafitti which springs up on the walls of London seemingly with the sole purpose of bringin a smile to my face. In the absence of either of these things, I just have to make do with unoriginal adjusted slogans, and that is what I have resorted to lately in a bid to keep the proverbial pecker up.

The only slogans that matter right now are war related and given that these have all been thoroughly rinsed out by open-toed sandal brigades so now it's up to modern day slogan modifiers to do their worst. And their worst they have indeed done.

Take for example "Drop the Debt, not the bomb" seen on a wall in Euston. Or my particular favourite, in a record shop window in Holborn, "Drop Beats not bombs"

This wanton modification of political sloganage in order to further ones ends got my mind tickin for ways to manipulate the war to my own advantage. And the only thing I could think was (strangely) to try and get laid by printin a T-shirt that says...

Drop your knickers, not the bomb

And I think I might add the word Love on the end of that for comic effect. If it works I'll go into business. Who says i am a harebrained fool?
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