Missiles at Warwick Part 4 - "The grand scheme"

Hey Mister Warwick boy back for more
Take these notes fore you walk out that door
You run the risk of turnin into a whore
A faceless bitch who owns a 4x4

"Tell me exactly what do you mean
Nothin daddys money can't buy for me
No pimpin my ass for no drugs and weed
I'll drive daddys porsche to my graduate scheme"

You're pimpin your ass metaphorically
You're systematically shafted allegorically
You've sold your soul categorically
Wave a fond goodbye to creativity

A life constrained to curriculum
No senses left you're just deaf and dumb
Blind to a world of possibility
You are now part of The Company

You claim to be an independent entity
Yet sign up to be another number quantity
Always proclaiming that you are free
But always constrained by a boundary

"But I would go and work for a charity"
Words themselves will never convince me
Words are nothing but promises
Broken ever so easily
Action manifest is delivery
Words without actions are a fuel tank empty

Do a graduate scheme by all means
The choice is yours to take
Buy don't say you'd rather be somewhere else
Because that would make you fake

A man is only his integrity
If you can't be what you love then learn to love what you be
Yours is your life and leave mine to Me
But don't pretend to want what you can't even see

Andy 2003
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