C++ and Big H, what part exactly of the words "I do not want to ever join a banking graduate scheme" are you having problems understanding?

Let me explain the minutiae of this particular statement to you. As you both know I recently went to the states where much time was spent in contemplation of the road ahead (both Bill Gates' book and of my life). Much of my thoughts you will find on Mischief USA and much on getting to grips with my own thoughts, grappling with the workings of my complex inner mind.

Often I utilised my writing as a meditative tool, writing to free my mind from the shackles of conscious thought, because writing is to me thinking without thinking. It is for me my Taoist essence, as Bruce Lee espoused fighting without fighting, the formless form, art without conscious thought.

Norman Cousins once said

"No one has ever been able to define or synthesize that precarious, splendid, and perhaps untidy instant when the creative process begins. This is what the uniqueness of the artist is all about. The transcendant right of the artist is the right to create even though he may not always know what he is doing"

Through these musings I realised some thing that thinking itself was unable to give me sufficient insight into. I acknowledged my system of ethics and realised what I really am. I know that I cannot commit myself to a life of being a graduate accountant because that would not be fulfilling my potential at all.

Big H, I see for a start that you do not quite grasp fully the extent to which I despise the graduate mould. But don't get me wrong this is not the primary reason why I cannot bring myself to work on a graduate scheme. You must understand that my ethical reservations would not allow me to work within an impositional artless system, when I believe that everybody should strive to put something into the world and make the most of every day they have. Life is too short to look back with regret like what you are doing, and you of all people should know that.

I realised in the states that my entire ethical system rests, as I had suspected before, on a simple base principle. My ethical system in two simple words can be described as No Compromise. It is similar in principle to Alginian ethics (Tal) and draws many parallels with that system of thought, as well as mining Taoism, Sun-Tzu, Confucious and others for inspiration.

It's a simple system really, which depends entirely on just being yourself to the best of your abilities, always being 100% honest and living life to the max to extract the full extent of human experience from life. I believe that only by living a system of No Compromise can I achieve my full potential. And a graduate scheme smacks far too much of compromise to me, compromising your integrity daily to bow down to a company that I really don't give a damn about. This would violate so many of my fundamental principles of ethical conduct I would hang my head in shame.

This is not about money. My whole life is no longer about money, because I am here to achieve a far higher purpose than that. We all are, but only some of us ever get around to it. This is much more than that, this is a question of violating an entire moral code, going against everything that I hold to be true and good and I'm not about to do that.
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