Promises, promises...

I, Andrew Hoang, hereby swear that I will never go onto an accounting companies graduate scheme.

Is that clear enough yet, H? I refuse to be brainwashed and indoctrinated into the world of detached zombie clones that constitute the bulk intake of Yawncorp Incorporated and their vaious subsidiaries. Corporate ambition seems to consist purely of the desire to be further subjugated within the constraints of capitalist society, bound by rules and regulations which prevent true liberation of self.

The wonder of the modern world is that people continue to be slaves when given a choice.

The man who gave it all away

I go in at 9 and home at 5
I check my pulse to make sure I'm alive
Grey like a corpse when I look in the mirror
In the morning I do up my tie

Black socks, grey suit can't stand out from my peers
7am wash behind my ears
Shirts of different colours make me stand out from the crowd
As I pass away my years

Look at I'm me making an impact
This corporation has kept my bank balance intact
The price is my soul and my life and my mind
When the hell did I crack?

I had it all - potential to burn
but I burnt it with the fire of greed to earn
Cash, money and necessity
Creativity carried around in an urn

Look and lament at the altar of passion
I have become a follower of fashion
I will die with a bucket full of useless cash
And unfufilled ambition

Andy 2003
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