Get your violins out

I heard a story just the other day of a poor graduate accountant who, having failed his exams with Yawncorp, was promptly fired from his cushy graduate job and is now wondering what the fuck to do to pay the bills. Given that he had to move to relocate, and has now been semi-indoctrinated into the ranks of the boring only to be fucked over by the very hand that he had assumed would feed him for life I know i should be feeling sorry for him shouldn't I?

Well do I fuck!? Hell no!!!!

I can't imagine anything worse than the feeling of being fired...except the feeling of being accepted for a job as a graduate accountant. Once you choose to become a graduate accountant, you are choosing not just a job, but you are choosing a whole way of life, a whole new way to think and you are choosing to invest your time and trust in this organisation. It is meant to be a symbiotic relationship, you give them your potential and they give you a lot of money - we all know the deal here. If you've chosen this way of life, it is more than likely that your motivation is a career for life with good pay within an organisation who will look after your needs.

As much as the company propaganda will espouse the notion that you will join the company and be able to be creative within your role, we all know that in reality, you will have to compromise any creative urges you may have to fit in with company policy. It is only through the creative expression of your Self that we can see what is in our soul.

In short you sell your soul, for some money and the promise of riches eternal. A cushy job in the city, no creativity or self-expression required.

And what a tempting offer it aint. But people take it up nonetheless.

And it does crack me up when, after trading it all in, your ivory tower collapses.

So, spare a thought for the poor boy who failed his exams and is now out on a limb.

awwwwwwww diddums

It's probably the best thing that could have happened to you mate.
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