I missed the last train home last night by about 10 minutes so had to walk home from Bexleyheath, a leisurely stroll of about half and hour with a stretch in the woods, which was cool. In every sense of the word.

COuldn't help noticing though that there are a helluva lot of foxes about these nights. And I'm not making a poor euphemism, I mean the red type with the bushy tails and the really cute whiskers and they are so cool to walk home with in the woods in the middle of the night.

Foxy Foxy
With your bushy tail and your pointed nose
You walk alone in the showdows
Caring little for me
You have worries of your own
I'm not alone
in this town
Not like you
Foxy Brown

Like a Ghost you appear in the night
Flitting in and out of sight
Flirting with the light
Spurning societys might
Yours is the freedom of society
Ignoring the high no regard for the mighty
Your life is my aspiration
Foxy Foxy you're my inspiration

Walk by my side
My Companion in the shadows
Life is yours with no illusions
Manifesting the Way
No confusion
just Being

Andy 2003


Monkeys - cheers for last night. I can't believe we actually got round to doing something. Note that as a success!

Cez - I think that the knives are out at head. I couldn't make it down in time but will keep you posted

Tom - I'm not gay, the fact that I was watching a documentary on teenagers coming out this morning on daytime TV is purely coincidental

Bags - I know I'm supposed to have rung you by now but I really can't be arsed. I'm sittin here writing this as you may have guessed
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