City of God

oh bloody ell, it's arrived in this country as well. I just saw the trailers for the new Hugh Grant/Sandra Bullock effort, Two Weeks Notice on TV. I prayed that we wouldn't have to suffer this drivel when I saw the trailers in the states, but it seems my prayers went unnoticed again. Cheers God, you non-existent bearded creation of mankind.

As if watching just one of these stuttering bumbling fools wasn't suffering enough they put both of them together for one and a half hours of "entertainment", no doubt an experience comparable only with having your finger and toenails pulled out with no anaesthetic. God help us (if You exist). Do people have nothing better to waste their time and money on that they will go out and watch these 2 half-baked idiots stumbling through a predictable script and "falling in love"? In London especially, where there is so much choice of alternative entertainment, where people can, for the price of a cinema ticket, go to the theatre or for less than that (well nothing actually) people can cane hours in art galleries, there is no excuse whatsoever to go and watch this absolute crap.

Please don't encourage Hollywood film-makers by seeing this movie. I guarantee you now it will be crap.

If we pay Messrs Grant and Bullock for producing substandard shite, we only have ourselves to blame when they produce more. After all, when you feed the crapping dog, he will only continue to produce crap. You have been warned.

If you are stuck for ideas, and have the money burning a hole in your pocket and the urge to see a film, see City of God. This awesome tour de force, based on a true story set in the slums of Brazil, is powerful storytelling at it's gory best. The story of a photographer, Rocket, who wants to escape the horrific gang culture of the notorious City of God, through his passion for photography is told with stark immediacy, is beautifully shot and wonderfully scripted and acted.

I rarely go to the flicks but films like this prove that film-making can be the king of the arts on it's day. This is violently good, a slice of biting reality which transports you from your cosy existence and throws you headfirst into the real world. Wonderful stuff.

Apparently McDonalds reported it's first drop in sales ever this year. Lets see to it that this is the year of the revolution, where we reject the bland franchises and embrace real cultural values espoused by independents. Leave behind the Bond Franchise, the McDonalds of the film world, and embrace the Samurai Sushi of arts. Mine will be the Jonnys special mate.
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