Corporate Cocksuckers

Pretty good week so far. It's the first real working week of 2003 and so far I've spent the day glueing circles to a piece of paper and adapting the lyrics of a 70s disco classic to read like the sordid tale of a transvestite sex change operation.

It can only go downhill from here...

Speaking of deviant transvestites, I then spent the rest of the day pissing my cousin Pete off at the airport so he would appreciate his holiday more, as I saw him off to Beijing from Heathrow. Then I went out with Chuv and ended up eating sushi and NOT going to the theatre due to Time Out cocking up the schedules.

Since getting back it's been a frenzy of meeting mates and long, late-night discussions about everything ranging from the ridiculousness of American foreign policy to the ridiculousness of American pedestrian laws and everything in between.

In summary, since getting back, I've had 1 curry, 3 beers, met 1 pair of beautiful twins (on seperate days), seen countless dead bodies, seen my best mate twice, 1 housemate, 1 brother, 1 sexual deviant cousin, 1 good friend from Warwick, been to Camden, played football once, eaten sushi, pissed in one illegal location, spoken to one mother and one mother-to-be, applied for 30+ jobs (got rejected 4 times and rising), bought only one 12" single (Nine Lives Feat Memzee "One more chance"), been to 2 art galleries, one theatre production (closed at the time), and been back to Heathrow once.

London is still a most amazing city, although right now I have to admit that it's a little cold for my liking, as I found out on saturday when I went out in my shorts and T-shirt to play football in Regents park, shivering like the Millennium Bridge on a day of resonant wind frequency. One day it will probably be my recklessness and complete disregard for my wellbeing that kills me but until then I will simply carry on regardless, because I love being reckless as much as I don't care too much about living and dying.

I have noticed that the term "Corporate Cocksuckers" that I always use to describe the masses of whores who sell themselves short in life, doesn't go down very well with the masses. Of course I mean the analogy to be as evocative and gut-wrenchingly sickening as possible because it does sum up pretty much what you people are doing when you sell your talent for dollar bills without a sideways glance at the consequences. In short you are selling your intellectual property much like a whore sells their body, to gain material wealth at the expense of personal enlightenment, for the pleasure of the corporation who rapes you and gives you money to soften the blow.

God apparently gave us free will to choose our path to enlightenment for ourselves, so says the bible. Now I'm not religious in any way but I believe that religions merely teach us a way to live our lives, a guideline which points the way through stories and metaphors. In this case, I would argue that the free will is inherent in our being, that we ourselves give us the free will and that by choosing the right path we please ourselves and gain enlightenment.

The metaphor is complete from a biblical perspective when we add that God made us in His image - that is to say that We are our own Gods, we live to bring fulfillment to Us through the actions of our own free will. There is no God in Heaven as such but the bible merely serves as a metaphorical guide to point the way, much as the proverbial Taoist finger pointing to the moon.

In short, sucking cock on the streets and sucking cock in an office are not altogether different pursuits. The only real difference is how much you get paid.

Live in your feet people, don't die on your knees.

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